Know about Advance trading Calls format and its Performance of 1 script, For Any Enquiry, Call us@9193068022

Let’s understands with an Example about our Calls format and its performance of 1 script:-

you will get Gold 22 calls in a month.
Out of 22 calls:-
As per 1st TGT you will earn 100 points here SL will be 90 points
If accuracy is 95% then 18 calls hit TGT out of 22 Calls.
Profit = 18 x 100=1800 points
4 calls hit SL
Loss= 4 x 90=360

Total Points Earned = 1800-360=1440 as per 95% accuracy.

Note:- We do not provide 100% accuracy, 95% accuracy is much better to earn Good return from this market

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